Admission Process

Admission Criteria

  • Completion of the WVU undergraduate application (do not complete graduate application even if you have an undergraduate degree).  See admission requirements page for application link
  • Overall GPA (GPA of all courses taken at Institutions of Higher Education)
  • Pre-requisite GPA (GPA of all courses taken to complete the prerequisite requirements). All pre-requisite courses must be passed with a grade of 'C' or higher
  • Two Reference Forms – from two Occupational Therapists
  • Interview Score
  • Essay Score
  • Folder Review Score (Review of all application materials)

Application Timeline

  • Students typically apply to the program in the Fall semester of their second year of college to begin the OT program in their third year. Students must have completed 53 hours of college credit which includes the prerequisite courses.
  • Students who already have a degree in another field are also eligible to apply once they have completed the admission requirements.
  • An application cycle begins in November, and applications are accepted until February 15th. Applicants then go through the Interview Phase in early March and learn their admission status in late March early April. Accepted applicants will begin classes in June.

Admission Process

The admissions process for the Division of Occupational Therapy can be divided into two phases: Admission Packet, and Admission Interview

Admission Packet

  • Students can access the online Occupational Therapy application from November 15 to the following February 15th of each admission cycle. Applications received in this time frame will be considered for admission in June of each year.
  • Once the student has completed the application they will need to send the reference form link to two OTs who have supervised the applicant in their OT volunteer/work experience. This link is located on the home page of the OT site. Recommendations cannot be filled out by OTAs.
  • The applicant will also be able to print off volunteer/work verification forms.
  • These forms should be sent to Brenda Wolfe at P.O. Box 9225, Morgantown, WV 26506
  • The applicant will also have to arrange to have any transcripts from other institutions of higher education the applicant has attended sent to the admissions office. Directions and addresses for this are included in the online application.
  • Once the packet is complete the packet is forwarded to the OT admissions committee for consideration.
  • Students must have an Overall GPA and Pre-requisite GPA of 3.0 or higher to be considered for an interview. Applicants with GPAs lower than 3.0 will not be considered for an interview.
  • Only application packets that are completed will be forwarded to the admissions committee for consideration for an interview.

Admission Interview

  • The admission interviews usually take place in early March of the year of application.
  • Applicants who are judged as qualified based on a review of a completed application packet will then be contacted to set up an on campus interview.
  • During the interview process the applicant will complete a brief interview (approx. 20 minutes)
  • The applicant will also complete a timed essay on site (30 minutes). The essay targets a broad question or topic and is an opportunity for the applicant to express themselves in writing.


  • After completion of both phases of the admissions process the admissions committee will review the complete package of admission materials and recommend students for admission to the program.
  • The recommendation is reviewed by the Chair of the OT program as well as the Dean of the School of Medicine.
  • Once the final decisions are made students are notified in writing of their admission status. Notification usually occurs within just 2 to 3 weeks of the interview.