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Graduate Assistant Policy

For each admissions cohort, no more than two (2) students may hold graduate assistantships, residence hall assistantships, or similar University positions that provide tuition waivers, offered by units outside the Division of Occupational Therapy. Division approval of these assistantships will be granted on a competitive basis. Work duties of students holding outside assistantships must not interfere with the student’s class schedule in the OT program. Clinical placements will not be contingent on outside assistantships. Procedures: For incoming graduate students applying for or considering an offer for an assistantship outside the Division: 1. The student must first notify the program chairperson. 2. The Research and Scholarship Committee will verify the student meets minimum eligibility requirements: a. Overall GPA of at least 3.4. If more than two eligible students are requesting Division approval of outside assistantships, the Admissions Committee will rank those students based on overall admissions score; the top two students will be awarded approval for the assistantship. The decision will be made no later than May 15.