The WVU Department of Otolaryngology strives to provide educational experiences to a diverse population of trainees.  We take pride in our widely diverse ethnicity and educational backgrounds of both our residents and faculty and seek to increase our diversity in all other possible areas.  We have developed the following DIVERSITY POLICY, that we would like interested candidates to be aware of:

Background: West Virginia is a state known for its scenery and natural resources, but its inhabitants have a history of socioeconomic and geographic isolation. In addition the population of West Virginia has traditionally been lacking in ethnic diversity. The face of medicine has been changing for decades and gender, ethic and social diversity is more prevalent in today's physician ranks. A diverse practice leads to diverse care, and we aim for our program to reflect this. The goal of our program is to bring this diversity to our state in all areas of medical care. 

Policy: The WVU otolaryngology residency is proud of its tradition of graduating residents from varied backgrounds and cultures. Additionally, the faculty represents a breadth of genders, cultures and backgrounds. Our goal is to recruit a faculty and residents who are diverse and tolerant. In addition we actively seek underrepresented minorities including African-Americans, Hispanics, LGBTQ, and Native American/Pacific Islanders. We additionally greatly value the additional of individuals from a variety of backgrounds including those of low socioeconomic status and/or scholastic disadvantage.

Academic and Learning Environments: West Virginia University otolaryngology residents practice in a wide variety of environments. Our educational program is one that recognizes the benefits of diversity and promotes the trainee’s competence and experience.

Diversity/Pipeline Programs and Partnerships:  Our residency program engages in ongioing and focused recruitment and retention activities to achieve diversity outcomes amongst our trainees, faculty and staff. This incudes programs and/or partnerships aimed at achieving diversity among qualified applicants within the department.