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Pathology Research Laboratories

Research Laboratories

The Department of Pathology, Anatomy & Laboratory Medicine (PALM) Research Laboratories located at the West Virginia University Health Sciences Center supports collaborative efforts between PALM faculty and investigators from across the University scientific community. Our faculty participate in research projects that span the surgical pathology, clinical pathology and anatomical sciences domains. We share our knowledge through publications and numerous educational programs.

The Laboratories provides the research community with tissue banking and histology technical services needed to advance many lines of investigation. The laboratory is CLIA compliant and adheres to Good Laboratory Practices. PALM faculty provide professional and doctoral level support need to help researchers plan and execute their protocols. The PALM Research Laboratories work closely with the West Virginia Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI).

The PALM Research Laboratories provide the following services:

Histology Services

  • Routine Histology: Formalin-fixed tissue processing, block preparation, slide preparation, H&E staining, and other special staining.
  • Immunohistochemistry: Automated IHC staining using the Ventana DISCOVERY automated IHC Platform. Pathologists can help optimize IHC stains for investigators.
  • Tissue Microarray: TMA, allowing assessment of multiple tissue specimen on a single slide preparation using a Galileo TMA CK3500 Tissue Microarrayer. 
  • Interpretive services: PALM faculty pathologists are available to help researchers correlate morphologic changes with biological phenomena.

Tissue Bank

The Tissue Bank collects a wide variety of normal, diseased and malignant tissue from surgical resections with IRB approval and patient consent. Tissues are obtained fresh, snap-frozen in liquid nitrogen, embedded in the cryopreservative O.C.T., and/or fixed in formalin and paraffin-embedded. While the specimens are provided to researchers without patient identifying information to maintain patient confidentiality, the researchers are provided with a patient summary that can be customized to meet a researcher’s specific needs.

Mailing/shipping address:
Jacquie Karakiozis 
PALM Research Laboratories
Room 2125 HSC-North, Mailstop 9203
64 Medical Center Drive
Health Services Center Receiving/Loading Dock
Morgantown, WV, 26506  USA
Phone 304-293-0287