NICU Reunion

Join us on June 2, 2019 from noon-3 pm at the Morgantown Readiness Center for the NICU Reunion picnic and activities.  This year’s theme is “World Travelers”  because we know that while a NICU graduate’s world may start out small, you’ve done big things in the world since then!

Please RSVP through the Registration tab on the right.   

Directions:  Use I-68, Exit 7 Pierpont Road to access the Morgantown Readiness Center at 90 Army Band Way.  

If traveling from 68-East, turn left onto Cheat Road and proceed to intersection with Pierpont Shopping Centre as below.

If exiting from 68-West, turn right onto Cheat Road toward WV-705.

You will pass an intersection with Pierpont Shopping Centre on your right and an Exxon on your left.  Get into the lefthand lane.  Make a left turn onto Easton Mill Road less than 1/2 a mile from the intersection.  Go straight on Easton Mill Road as it becomes Army Band Way.  The Morgantown Readiness Center is the new WV Armory National Guard Center about 1 mile in from the turn off Cheat Road.  It’s located at the end of Army Band Way, on your right.