Joining the NICU Little Comforts Club: Even though babies in the Neonatal ICU are sick and many need medical treatments, sometimes it is the little comforts that help our babies rest and grow strong enough to join their families at home. That is why we have chosen the "NICU Little Comforts Club" as the way to recognize our most generous community sponsors! The Department of Pediatrics and WVU Children's Hospital appreciate your donations, as community support will help make the NICU reunion a yearly success.

Make a donation to the NICU Reunion Fund:

Monetary donations of any amount are gratefully accepted and can be made by completing the form at the WVU Foundation website. Just select "Department of Pediatrics - NICU" from the drop down menu beside "Designation".
If your business is interested in donating goods, you may contact us at 304-293-1202.
Thank you for supporting the Neonatal ICU Reunion, and being a part of the NICU Little Comforts Club!

NICU Little Comforts Club

Rocking Chair Club:  NICU parents look forward to the first day that they can hold their child in their arms, even when it may be weeks after his/her birth because of illness.  When a rocking chair appears at the bedside, it often means that a big moment for parents and their NICU baby is right around the corner.  Thank you for setting the stage for another big moment for our NICU families, the day when they reunite with NICU staff to share how their family has grown.  You rock!  ($1000 or more)

  • Autumn and Chris Kiefer of Morgantown WV Rock!
  • Cartoon Headquarters of Clarksburg WV Rocks!

Lullaby Club:  Whether it’s a recording of soothing classical music or a mother’s hushed singing at the bedside, a lullaby can calm babies of all ages and degrees of illness.  Thank you for offering to help families remember their child’s journey through the NICU; it’s music to our ears! ($500 – 999)

  • CINTAS Cares, Morgantown WV
  • Kelly Clevenger, Clarksburg WV
  • Aquila Stone, Morgantown WV
  • WOW! Factory, Morgantown WV

Warm Blanket Club:  At each NICU baby’s birth, we welcome them to our unit with a warm blanket or a warm bed.  Thank you for helping us to welcome families back to Morgantown, WV to celebrate their child’s NICU journey!  ($250 - $499)