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William Fleming


In recent consultation with Dr. Norm Ferrari,  the Vice Dean for Medical Education here at WVU,  the Department and the School have decided to create the Fleming Award for outstanding achievement in Pharmacology. Starting next academic year, the medical student with the top performance in Pharmacology will receive this “Fleming Award”. Truthfully, there will be fierce competition for this Fleming Award annually... as the Department continues Bill’s tradition of excellence in Pharmacology Education. As currently led by Dr. Karen Woodfork, the Medical Pharmacology class provided to the second year medical students routinely produces exceptional results: 

On the most recent NBME Pharmacology “Shelf” examination taken across the country, our WVU students achieved an average of the 84th-percentile, with 15 students achieving greater than the 99th-percentile. One of these students next year, and for all following years, will be ‘crowned’ with the Fleming Award in Pharmacology