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Elementary Physiology: PSIO 241

PSIO 241 is a four credit human physiology course designed for health sciences majors (nursing, OT, dental hygiene, pre-med, etc). Course does not include a laboratory component. All course work is done online, including exams. Course work is self-paced and done entirely online. Finish in as little as 5 weeks or take entire semester to complete the course. Easily transferable into health sciences programs. There is no set schedule; you study and take exams at your convenience. Study aids include: PowerPoint presentations and accompanying extensive audio clips. Practice quizzes for each chapter. Weekly chat room sessions where you can ask questions to instructor. Once you are finished studying for a unit, you take a 50 question exam online at your convenience. 

Student Comments

"The best part about this course is that I could do things in my own time. I could plan studying times and tests around work and vacations. It's hard to have a structured course during the Summer when you're on a tight time schedule. I finished the course the first day of my vacation and now have plenty of time to enjoy my trip. Had their been certain days/times that tests had to be taken, this wouldn't be possible. I really liked the audio files for the course too. I was definitely not expecting the professor to put that much effort into their Summer online class, but I'm really glad that he did."

"I thought the fact that this course was self paced was amazing. Being a manager and taking other summer classes, this really helped me learn on my time frame, instead of being rushed to learn. I loved the audio files. It made me understand the subject matter better, especially since we don't have a lecture to attend. I really enjoyed this course and learned a lot from it."

"Prior to registering for this course I was suspect as to how a 4 credit course on physiology would be taught online. The professor had the material extremely well organized and presented which made this course one of my favorites. The immediate feedback from both the instructor and from the exams provided a strong basis for my continued learning. The professor was very available for questions, guidance and concerns and imparted his vast knowledge in a manner that was easily understood."


A photo of Mark Paternostro.
Mark Paternostro, PhD
West Virginia University
Professor, Associate Chair of Education, Physiology and Pharmacology

Registration Information for Non-WVU Students

  1. First step is to send me an email or call to request registration approval.
  2. Follow the Extended Learning link at the top of the page. There, you will be able to download a guest pass application
  3. Once the process is completed, Extended Learning will contact you with more information.
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