Student Assessment

The Division of Physical Therapy is committed to the ongoing formative and summative assessment of student learning. The faculty believes that assessment is critical to the future of the program, and as such, the Chairperson (MaryBeth Mandich PT, PhD) has allocated time and resources to the assessment process. Assessment is ultimately the responsibility of the whole faculty; however,  the division Curriculum Committee (Tracy Rice, PT, MPH, EdD, NCS, committee chair) is directly responsible for oversight of student assessment. The results of the assessment process are used to help make informed decisions about how to modify and improve the physical therapy curriculum. The results are also used to demonstrate effective learning and clinical competency of our students and graduates to all stakeholders. The assessment plan and the yearly assessment report for recent DPT cohorts are listed below. The assessment plan has been designed to be in alignment with the program’s mission, goals, core values, and philosophy.

Assessment Plan

Assessment Results