Brick named 2022 recipient of Faculty Award for Excellence in Community Engagement

John F. Brick, M.D., professor, J.F. Brick Endowed Chair of Neurology and associate dean of Rural Outreach at the WVU School of Medicine has won the Faculty Award for Excellence in Community Engagement.

The award recognizes faculty members who have positively impacted the community through service, curiosity, respect, accountability or appreciation and is presented by the WVU Center for Community Engagement which recognizes recipients in a variety of categories each year.

Dr. Brick, who has spent his career dedicated to helping patients across West Virginia obtain access to healthcare specialists, believes it is important for him to give back to the people of West Virginia.

“I am a native West Virginian and all of my education occurred here at WVU except for my fellowship at Mayo Clinic,” said Dr. Brick. “I owe the people of our state so much, so I spend much of my time developing strategies to help West Virginia, while also traveling to remote places to see patients.”

Colleagues of Dr. Brick believe the award recognizes the work he has done to improve patient care in West Virginia.

“This award honors the dedication and love he has for helping those in need,” said Julie A. Peasak, administrative director of the WVU School of Medicine HOPE Outreach team. “Dr. Brick began setting up WVU Specialty Clinics around West Virginia in 2007. He has helped to improve the healthcare of so many around our state.”

Dr. Brick emphasizes that his work wouldn’t be possible with the help of colleagues and professionals in and outside of the state. 

“Everything I have been involved in has been a team effort. This team has included university presidents, deans, hospital administrators, federal and state leaders and scores of staff and other faculty,” said Dr. Brick. “Nothing we have done would have been possible without the other team members, including Julie.”

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