Fostering excellence in research.

At West Virginia University, we know the power of curiosity drives the engine of progress.


WVU is one of only 115 higher education institutions in the U.S. to receive the Carnegie R1 designation for the level of scientific activity and graduate education on campus. A major part of the University’s commitment to research has been investments in the people, infrastructure and facilities dedicated to health.

West Virginia is home to a unique set of health concerns: a population at significantly higher risk of disease and early mortality than other states in the nation; rural communities with shortages of key health professionals; social, environmental and demographic factors that contribute to poor health outcomes; and the highest drug overdose fatality rate in the country. The impact on our state, communities, families and our future is nearly incalculable, but hope remains.
We accomplish research in the WVU School of Medicine by attracting the best and brightest talent from around the country and the world. We’re breaking down barriers between academic disciplines, schools and colleges and building multidisciplinary research teams to promote improved health in our state and our nation.