Exercise Physiology is represented at NASA Sample Return Robot Challenge (updated)

Lisa Kogan, a graduate student in Dr. Yakovenko's laboratory of Neural Engineering in Exercise Physiology, is in WVU team competing to "demonstrate an autonomous capability to locate and retrieve specific sample types from various locations over a wide and varied terrain and return those samples to a designated zone in a specified amount of time with limited mapping data." NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate will award a total $1.5 million to the successful teams: http://www.nasa.gov/directorates/spacetech/centennial_challenges/sample_return_robot/about.html.

The preliminary final scores showing our team in the lead according to tweets from Dr. Laurie Leshin, the President of Worcester Polytechnic Institute hosting the competition (https://twitter.com/LaurieofMars). The final scores and the award ceremony is scheduled for today, September 6th. Go Mountaineers!

WVU team wins the competition! First place and $750,000 awarded to @WestVirginiaU! Congratulations to all of our teams! #SRRbot #nasatech
(image from: https://twitter.com/NASAPrize)