EXPH faculty presents "Merging Man and Machine" at Science on Tap

May 11th Science on Tap (SOT) talk entitled “Merging Man and Machine” will be presented by Dr. Dr. Sergiy Yakovenko of The School of Medicine, Exercise Physiology Department. Organized by the IGERT REN@WVU Program, SOT is a series of science talks hosted at the Morgantown Brewing Company (at 7PM). Unlike the traditional sit and listen lecture set up, these talks happen in a casual 

The cutting edge in neural engineering is the development of natural and intuitive prosthetic limbs under brain-machine controls. What does it take to ‘forget’ that the controlled limb is not the one you were born with, but an artificial device integrated within the biological system? Philosophical and scientific exploration of the human-in-the-loop problem, the problem of integrating technology and human operators, is the key to answering this question. This task does not have to be daunting for a generation of neuroscientists with a healthy dose of scientific optimism and philosophical interests. This talk will be about how we can tackle BIG questions of brain-machine hybridization with the incredible tools at our disposal.
– Sergiy Yakovenko, Ph.D.

Flyer: Sergiy Yakovenko science on tap flyer white