Parking permit revalidation underway; new Willowdale garage opens

WVU Medicine employees and residents can revalidate their parking permits from Aug. 22-Sept. 13 at the Security Office (4C51) on the fourth floor of J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital.

The Security Office has extended its hours for parking revalidations this year. The hours are: Monday-Friday from 6-11 a.m. and 2-8 p.m., and Saturday from 1-4 p.m.

Other announcements will be made for WVU Medicine employees who work at off-campus buildings. There will be revalidation date for each site.

Employees with the following permits will revalidate this year:

  • Yellow, blue, or brown repositionable permits
  • Handicapped permits (2014 permits are due for five-year state renewal)
  • Green resident permits
  • Silver faculty permits
  • Red permits
  • Those who park in the old lot 36/J-82

Those with leased spaces, 35-year permits, or hospital vehicle permits do not need to renew.

To revalidate, employees must bring their old permit, employee ID badge, and an updated parking registration form (also available on the Security Department's website or on the information boards by elevators). Missing information or permit will result in a delay in getting your new permit. Please know your license plate number.

Lost permits are $20, cash only. (You may be asked to return to pick up your permit.)

Intentional falsification of information will result in your permit being revoked.

Please call the Security Office at 304-598-4029 with any questions.

Willowdale garage

A new parking garage on Willowdale Road opens at midnight on Sept. 2 and will serve as a catalyst for several parking changes.

The Willowdale garage will create nearly 800 new parking spaces and is accessible with an access card given to employees eligible for a permit. Employees from lots A1 and A2 and lot D – the off-shift lot -- will be the first to receive permits. Employees who park off-campus will also be eligible for a garage permit but will be selected by seniority, according to WVU Medicine Security. Newer employees who hold a red permit, beyond six months of their new employee onboarding date will be eligible to park in employee lots F1-F4.

Patient and visitor parking

Lots A1 and A2 will be designated for patient parking as of Sept. 2. The off-shift lot, which has been decreased because of construction on the new WVU Medicine Children’s hospital, will also be designated as patient parking but not for a few months.

Also, as of July, parking at the WVU Medicine Operations Support Center (OSC) is no longer available to WVUH and UHA employees who are attending a training session there. Only employees who work at the OSC will be permitted to park at that location. All OSC employees must have an OSC parking permit and display it in their vehicle.

Customers of OSC departments (e.g., medical records, pharmacy, lab) will still be permitted to park at the OSC.

For employees coming from J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital to attend a training session, it's recommended that the employee take the OSC shuttle from Ruby.

For employees coming from another off-campus location to attend a training session, it's recommended that the employee park in Lot J82 (see parking map), where a shuttle will be transporting employees to/from the OSC. The shuttle will run weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Watch CONNECT for future parking developments.