Prioritize emotional health for overall well-being

Prioritize emotional health for overall well-being

College is a busy time that brings growth, new relationships and challenges. To prioritize emotional health, WVU offers a variety of resources that students can access in person and virtually.

The Carruth Center for Counseling and Psychological Services provides counseling, psychological and outreach services including a crisis clinic, skills building and short-term and group counseling. Students can access well-being resources or schedule an appointment.

In partnership with the Carruth Center, Healthy Minds University provides outpatient psychiatric treatment for WVU students who may require longer term care than the Carruth Center is set up to provide. Located on the Evansdale Campus in the Student Health Building, students can request an appointment.

The Collegiate Recovery Program offers support, resources and activities for students in recovery centered around health, wellness, adventure, community service and fun. Visit an upcoming event.

Located in the Downtown and Evansdale libraries on the Morgantown Campus, Reflection Rooms provide a designated quiet, peaceful place free from distraction. The rooms are accessible during library hours, and individuals or small groups may use the room for reflective practices such as contemplation, meditation and prayer.

Learn about other resources for emotional health and paths to well-being.