WVU Medicine employees can join successful weight management program, earn points to save on premiums

Eligible WVU Medicine employees participating in the Wellness Program have the option to earn points to save on their medical insurance premiums this coming year through the Medical Weight Management program.

In 2022, approximately 30 employees lost more than 500 pounds through the program, which was the the first year that participation in Medical Weight Management was included as an option for employees and their spouses.

Led by Laura Davisson, M.D., MPH, FACP, the program is opening up for employees again this year and she hopes to continue the momentum and help even more employees pursue their personal goals. Those who enrolled in the program last year can remain in the program to continue to lose weight and maintain their weight loss once they reach their goal.

“WVU Medicine employees are fortunate to have some of the best health benefits in the area in terms of access to comprehensive weight management services. This is important for optimizing the health of employees,” she said.

For successful completion of the program, participants had to attend at least five appointments with members of the Medical Weight Management team of health care professionals, including physicians, advanced practice professionals and registered dietitians.

Davisson is looking forward to helping even more eligible employees lose weight and improve their health next year. Enrollment is open now by sending an email to: MWMWellnessProgram@hsc.wvu.edu

*Eligibility for enrolling in Medical Weight Management for Wellness Program points requires a BMI of 25 or more. Note that Medical Weight Management visits are medical appointments that are billed to insurance and standard co-pays may apply. Employees who completed the program previously can register again and earn points by attending five appointments this year.