WVU Medicine offers online appointment scheduling for new patients

New patients at WVU Medicine are now able to schedule primary care appointments online through open scheduling.

“This makes it easy for people to go onto our website and find nearby clinic locations, see pictures of the doctors, and find a time that fits their schedules,” Kim Trimble, assistant vice president of ambulatory operations, said.

Patients are able to schedule with primary care doctors, including pediatricians, internal medicine and family medicine doctors. Nearly 500 new patient appointments have been scheduled through the system since its implementation in June.

“Existing patients have the ability to schedule with their providers through MyWVUChart,” Trimble said. “The new open scheduling feature of the WVU Medicine website allows new patients the same convenience.”

To schedule a new patient appointment, go to wvumedicine.org, and click Make an Appointment at the top of the page.