WVU Research Professor Presents at 2nd Annual Hematologists Summit

Jing Jie Yu, MD presents at the 2nd International Hematologists Summit in Nice, France

Jing Jie Yu, MD, Research Professor in the WVU School of Medicine Department of Biochemistry and member of the WVU Cancer Institute delivered a two-pronged presentation on dicycloplatin (DCP), a novel anticancer drug, at the 2nd International Hematologists Summit in Nice, France, on May 30, 2019. First, Professor Yu presented the follow-up findings of WVU Urologists of the first American cancer patient to receive dicycloplatin chemotherapy. The patient experienced light side effects and is now three years in remission. Second, she presented the findings of in vitro and in vivo studies conducted at WVU that showed DCP to be less harmful to normal bone marrow and spleen tissue than cisplatin and carboplatin that may explain the tolerable side effects of DCP chemotherapy. Professor Yu brought these findings to the attention of oncologists at the Hematologists Summit, pointing out that DCP might offer a new strategy in the treatment of blood cancers. Platinum-based drugs are frontline anticancer drugs and mainly for solid tumors. The summit was an opportunity for Dr. Yu and her international peers to consider a wider role for a platinum anticancer drug such as DCP.