About Us

The Department of Medical Education is committed to promoting excellence in teaching, facilitating educational scholarship, enhancing the curriculum by supporting, recognizing and rewarding outstanding educators, and by building a dynamic and diverse learning community.

The department was created in 2012 under the leadership of Dean Arthur Ross reflecting the commitment of the School of Medicine to fulfill its education mission along the entire continuum including undergraduate medical education, graduate medical education and continuing medical education for practicing physicians.  Preparing future generations for their role in the implementation, leadership and advancement of healthcare is a solemn responsibility. Through innovation in instruction and assessment of learning, we strive to ensure that our learners will have the skills, knowledge and professional attitudes that will translate to effective, patient-centered healthcare.

The faculty of the department includes educators with either primary or secondary appointments, who have demonstrated commitment and expertise in medical education in areas such as curriculum design, teaching skills, research in medical education, simulation, assessment and evaluation. It serves as an academic home for fulltime faculty and community-based faculty physicians who contribute to the School of Medicine’s education mission.  The department will also identify current and future needs for faculty to deliver the education mission, identify future leaders and provide leadership learning opportunities and mentorship, helping to create succession plans for a strong and diverse teaching faculty.

The Department will also sponsor the Academy of Advisors, which provides counseling and mentoring for medical students.  It will work in collaboration with the Health Sciences Center Academy of Teaching and Learning and the Simulation Training and Education for Patient Safety (STEPS) facility to promote an interprofessional education model of team-based healthcare.  The Academy is committed to promoting social consciousness in our educational efforts and mentoring learners to become healthcare leaders of West Virginia and the world.