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Anesthesia Interest Group

Anesthesia Interest Group

Mission Statement

To provide students an introduction to the field of Anesthesiology through educational lectures, workshops in appropriate clinical skills, and via collaborating with Anesthesia staff here at WVUH.



The name of this organization shall be: Anesthesia Interest Group.


The purpose of the Anesthesia Interest Group is to provide students an introduction to the field of Anesthesiology through educational lectures, workshops in appropriate clinical skills, and via collaborating with Anesthesia staff here at WVUH.


Section 1: Official membership in the organization is open to any current student enrolled in the WVU School of Medicine.

Section 2:  “Active” membership shall include any members who are interested

Section 3: This organization will not deny membership on the basis of race, sex, age, disability, veteran status, religion, sexual orientation, color, or national origin.


  1. President:  It is the president’s duty to coordinate meetings among officers, plan for educational events, and oversee elections.
  2. Vice President: It is the vice president’s duty to assist the president in his duties and to take over the position of presidency if the president is no longer able to fulfill his/her duties.
  3. Secretary: It is the duty of the secretary to provide minutes of organization & officer meetings and to facilitate educational lectures via room coordination and logistics.
  4. Treasurer:  It is the duty of the treasurer to manage the group funds and obtain reimbursements when appropriate for educational activities.
  5. Leadership Board Member: It is the duty of the leadership board member to assist in the planning and implementation of the interest group meetings and events.


  1. Elections will be held at the end of the academic school year.  An additional election may be held at the midpoint of the academic school year if officers unanimously feel it is necessary.
  2. The president shall inform each class of the election with the available positions.
  3. Applicants will send a letter of intent to the officers stating which office they wish to run for.
  4. Applicants may also provide additional information such as qualifications for the respective position.
  5. When all applications are obtained and an adequate time period has elapsed since applications opened, the officers will vote on each position for appoint the new successors.


We agree to abide by all West Virginia University, School of Medicine as well as all West Virginia University policies, in addition to all federal, state, and local laws. We agree to communicate all required information to the West Virginia University Department of Student Services as requested.


Introductory Meeting

The initial meeting was held to introduce faculty members and residents to members of the club as well as discussing some of the myths around the field and what anesthesiology is actually all about.

Intubation Workshops Pictures
We have hosted two intubation workshops this year with a total of 78 members attending.  Both events were huge hits thanks to all the help from residents and faculty.

Subspecialty Meeting Pictures

Community Service
The club is currently working with Project Linus to make and donate blankets to be given to West Virginia University Children's Hospital.  We also intend to have a club day with habitat for humanity in the spring.

Program Director Meeting
A meeting with our residency program director, Dr. Sizemore to discuss what it takes to make a successful match in anesthesiology.

Sub-Specialty Meeting
A meeting over lunch with members from separate specialties in anesthesiology coming to discuss the different opportunities available in the field and how they all differ.

2020-2021 Officers

President: Brian Donaldson (

Vice President: Katelyn Crowder (

Treasurer: Aaron Stavrakis (

Secretary/Leadership Board Member: Julia Graff (

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rebekah Guillow (

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