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Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG)

Article 1: Organization Name

Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG)

Article 2: Mission

  • To disseminate information about the field of emergency medicine.
  • To foster interest and enthusiasm within the EMIG
  • To assist medical students who wish to apply to an emergency medicine residency.
  • To hold monthly educational meetings which may consist of lectures or hands-on workshops that teach skills such as airway management, suturing, splinting and EKG interpretation.
  • To educate medical students about elective rotations available in emergency medicine.

Article 3: Membership and Eligibility Criteria

  • Membership is open to any WVUSoM student, resident, staff member or physician within the WVU Healthcare. Members are self-selected based on interest in the organization.

Article 4: Structure and Leadership

  • The EMIG leadership is made up of four key positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These positions are staffed by student volunteers who are then elected by the preceding EMIG council.
  • Office positions are effective for roughly one year as determined by the organization’s annual calendar.
  • EMIG fosters team work and cooperation, and even though each position may have specific obligations the entire leadership is responsible for the successful operation of the interest group.
  • General members make up the rest of the organization, and they are made up of any WVUSoM student, resident, or staff member who is interested in Emergency Medicine.
  • President
    1. Position is elected by outgoing EMIG council
    2. Duties and responsibilities:
      1. Organizing all EMIG meetings and events
      2. Maintaining the organization throughout each academic year
      3. Appointing or establishing elections for officers annually or sooner if needed
      4. Acting as chair of EMIG meetings; both general membership and leadership
  • Vice President
    1. Position is elected by outgoing EMIG council
    2. Duties and responsibilities
      1. Assisting the President with all of their duties and acting as deputy in their absence
  • Secretary
    1. Position is elected by outgoing EMIG council
    2. Duties and responsibilities
      1. Recording minutes of each general membership meeting and/or event
      2. Maintaining general records and/or information media of EMIG
  • Treasurer
    1. Position is elected by outgoing EMIG council
    2. Duties and responsibilities
      1. Oversee the operation of all funds generated by or given to EMIG
      2. Paying all debts incurred by EMIG and ensuring adequate reimbursement when necessary

Article 5: Amendment Procedures

  • Amendments to these bylaws may be submitted in writing by any member of EMIG. To be amended, a majority vote by the leadership of EMIG must take place and be recorded. If accepted, the amendment will become effective immediately, and all copies of these bylaws updated.

Officers 2020-21

President: Matthew Mamone                                mm0352@mix.wvu.edu

Vice President: Curtis Wentz                               cww0009@mix.wvu.edu

Treasurer: Vanessa Gipson                                   vg0018@mix.wvu.edu

Secretary: Patrick Sullivan                                   dps0009@mix.wvu.edu

Faculty Advisor: Anthony Steratore, MD.           afsteratore@hsc.wvu.edu

Faculty Advisor: Brian Dilcher, MD.                   bdilcher@hsc.wvu.edu

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