There is a growing number of people from Spanish speaking countries immigrating to the United States and seeking healthcare every year. An important part of practicing medicine is creating a lasting bond with those you treat. Healthcare professionals find themselves increasingly challenged to bridge this communication barrier. The Medical Spanish Association of West Virginia University School of Medicine was created in order to serve the interests of health care professional students at West Virginia University's Professional Schools who desire to learn and apply the Spanish language to their medical careers.
The goals of the WVU School of Medicine Medical Spanish Association are as follows:

1. To facilitate the learning and teaching of the Spanish language.
2. To provide an opportunity for students to speak in the Spanish language, both with other students in the class and with mock patients of Hispanic background.

Medical Spanish Cases
Cultural Events
Service to the Spanish Community
How Spanish is used in Medicine- Speakers
Interprofessional Cooperation
Medical Spanish Terminology
Spanish Conversations and Practice


For more information contact:  medicalspanishassociation@gmail.com



Riley Imlay
Cristhian Perez
Vice President
Katerina Garcia
Emili Lopez
Marina Galvez Peralta
Faculty Advisor
Maddie Starcher
Community Service Liaison
Mark Yazhari


1. The Medical Spanish Association is a non-profit, volunteer-run student organization at the West Virginia University School of Medicine. Any student enrolled in any of the health care professional schools including dentistry, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, pharmacy, and medicine at West Virginia University are eligible for enrollment. All health care professionals currently employed by West Virginia University are also eligible to participate.
2. The Medical Spanish Association will be governed by a selected body of professional students that consist of two coordinators. Officers will be decided based on interest and recommendation by the faculty advisor. A treasurer, secretary and professional school representative will be nominated by the students and faculty advisor.
3. While the Medical Spanish Association is run by students, they will work closely with a faculty advisor involved in International Health.
4. The class will be taught by a person who is fluent in the Spanish language and preferably by one who has experience in the health care field.