Med students training on eye surgery simulator


The Ophthalmology Interest Group will expose medical students to the field of ophthalmology by promoting interactions with patients and doctors, or observation, shadowing opportunities, slit-lamp training, and surgical simulators. Students will also have the opportunity to conduct eye exams on one another. Students will thus be more competitive in their residency applications for ophthalmology.

1. Slit Lamp Workshop
2. Community Outreach events (ex. HealthRight clinics, Gilbert rural clinic, etc)
3. General Ophthalmology knowledge and subspecialty lectures
4. Connection to research experiences
5. More events currently being planned

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Omar Sadat
Ahmed Amer Zanabli
Vice President
Steven Chen
Amal Khan
Brian McMillan, MD
Faculty Advisor


1. The Ophthalmology Interest Group is a non-profit student-run organization associated with West Virginia University School of Medicine. Membership is open to all students currently enrolled in West Virginia University School of Medicine.
2. The OIG aims to meet monthly throughout the school year, or more often if decided upon by the members.
3. The OIG will be governed by medical students elected to the following positions: President and Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary. More positions may be added at the discretion of the governing members.
4. OIG elections will be held during the final meeting of each school year or in other necessary situations.
5. The OIG will work with an Ophthalmology Department faculty mentor of West Virginia University Hospitals.