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Orthopaedic Interest Group

Article I - Mission Statement

The goal of the West Virginia University School of Medicine Orthopaedic Interest Group (OIG) is to provide students interested in the field of orthopaedics with exposure and access to this surgical specialty early on in their medical careers. This is accomplished through meetings with orthopaedic physicians and residents representing a variety of sub-specialties in the orthopaedic field including spine, joint replacement, pediatrics, sports medicine, trauma, etc. The goals of the group are to provide exposure to the field of orthopaedics and provide information for community service and physician shadowing opportunities. 

Article II - Officers

Section I - Faculty Advisor

The Orthopaedic Interest Group will work with an orthopaedic department faculty mentor of West Virginia University Hospital.

Section II - Co-Presidents

The Co-Presidents shall be members of the organization elected by majority vote in a general assembly of the organization. The Co-Presidents’ duties shall consist of but are certainly not limited to: opening and closing meetings, conducting meetings in general, and collaborating to organize events and committees in conjunction with the other officers of the club. Both Co-Presidents will be accountable for sharing their collective responsibilities equally. At least one President of the organization will be present/preside over all general meetings, committee activities, or other planned events.

Section III - Vice President

The Vice President shall be a member of the organization elected by majority vote in a general assembly of the organization. The Vice President’s duty is to aid the Co-Presidents in organizing and running meetings and events.  The Vice President will also be responsible for representing the organization at events and presiding over meetings if neither Co-President is able to attend.

Section IV - Treasurer

 The Treasurer shall be a member of the organization elected by majority vote in a general assembly of the organization. The Treasurer will be responsible for overseeing the annual group fund and keeping record of all expenditures made by the organization. The Treasurer will be the chief officer responsible for making purchases on behalf of the organization and will also be tasked with acquiring reimbursements from WVU SOM.

Section V - Secretary

The Secretary shall be a member of the organization elected by majority vote in a general assembly of the organization. The Secretary’s main duty is to keep a record of club activities and events. This includes but is not limited too maintaining a list of members who attended each meeting, taking photos of significant events, and recording meetings via notes or audio/visual means. The Secretary is also responsible for securing locations for meetings to be held.

Section VI - Event Coordinator

The Even Coordinator shall be a member of the organization elected by majority vote in a general assembly of the organization. The Event Coordinator is responsible for working in conjunction with the Presidents to plan and arrange events that engage and educate students about techniques frequently used in the field of orthopaedics. Events may also aim to educate and improve overall community health. 

Section VII - Additional Officers

As the need arises additional officer positions may be formed and filled by majority vote in a general assembly. A committee will be organized to decide the duties of the new positions if any new positions are formed.

Article III - Membership

This interest group shall consist of any West Virginia University School of Medicine student who has an interest in orthopaedics. Members shall be accepted without any discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, creed national origin or any other form of discrimination.

Article IV - Elections

The election period will begin starting the first meeting of the spring semester. During this meeting students will announce their intention of running for the office of their choice to the current officers. The following meeting will provide time for short speeches by candidates, should they choose to speak, and will include the actual elections. Any active member in good standing is eligible to run for any office. The member just needs to declare the position that they wish to run for during the election period. Winning an election shall be determined by receiving a majority of the votes.

Article V - Impeachment

Impeachment shall be available upon a written request to the advisor. If the advisor agrees with the stipulations of why the officer in question should be impeached then the impeachment will be discussed at the next general assembly, giving time for the officer in question to defend him or herself and the accuser to make his or her point. However, no vote will be taken at the meeting at which the impeachment is first discussed. The following meeting will allow for more discussion as well as a vote for or against the impeachment as long as a motion is made and seconded by an active member in good standing. If a motion for impeachment is made, then a vote will be taken on the matter if quorum is met. The officer is considered impeached by a three-quarter majority vote.

Article VI - By Laws

Section I - Amendments             

Amendments may be made to these laws by an appropriate committee formed by declaration of the president(s) at such a time that an amendment becomes necessary in order to uphold the mission and keep the organization running smoothly. Amendments made by the committee will be announced at a general meeting and then voted upon in that same meeting. The amendment shall pass with a 2/3-majority vote among members present.


  • Orthopaedic Shadowing Opportunities
  • Splint Workshops
  • Arthroscopy and Casting Workshops
  • Speakers from a variety of Orthopadeic Specialties
  • Community Service Opportunities
  • Research Opportunities


2020 - 2021 Officers


  • Killian Coyne - kccoyne@mix.wvu.edu 

Vice President

  • Grace Danby - gcd0006@mix.wvu.edu


  • Christian Holland - cdh0041@mix.wvu.edu


  • Emily Brezler - eibrezler@mix.wvu.edu

Event Coordinator

  • Ankur Makai - anmakani@mix.wvu.edu

Faculty Sponsor

  • Sanford Emery, MD MBA - semery@hsc.wvu.edu
    Professor and Chairman WVU Department of Orthopaedics

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