The goals of this organization include but are not limited to:
1. Provide student parents a support network of peers with similar challenges
2. Create a safe space to discuss topics specific to parenting during medical schooling
3. Share parenting resources and advice with students considering parenthood, expecting, or are current parents
4. Provide opportunities for mentorship of student parents under medical degree graduates, such as residents, faculty, or attendings
5. Support the greater WV community of parents through charitable events
6. Advocate for greater WV children’s outcomes by addressing systematic parent and child health disparities

Three categories of activities are arranged in this organization: professional development, social events, and community service. Some examples include trainings with possibility of certifications and credits, pairing of students with mentors that had children during their medical education, picnics, disseminating a resources list relevant to WVU medical student parents, and volunteering opportunities that are easier for a student parent to do compared to the rest of the student body. Come check us out


Kristen Ruddle
Elizabeth Gasteiger
Vice President
Destiny Preble
Elizabeth Gasteiger
Dr. Joseph Capito
Faculty Advisor

Contact: dlm0010@mix.wvu.edu