The Radiology Interest Group was created to meet the interests and needs of medical students at West Virginia University School of Medicine who are interested in the field of radiology.

Association of University Radiologists https://www.aur.org/

Radiological Society of North America https://www.rsna.org/

•Basic radiology skills workshop
•Radiology noon conferences
•Monthly Radiology Interest Group meetings


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Kendall Leek
Jacob Engel
Vice President
Kaitlyn Heintzelman
Joseph Schmidlen
Dr. Sohyun Boo
Faculty Advisor


1. Any student currently enrolled in West Virginia University School of Medicine is eligible for membership.

2. The Radiology Interest Group will meet bimonthly during the school year, from September to April, and more often if so necessary.

3. The Radiology Interest Group will be governed by an elected body of medical students that will consist of an executive committee, containing no less than 2 members. The positions and descriptions can be found under Officer Duties.

4. Officers will be elected by the Radiology Interest Group executive council after submitting an application stating their reason for running for the position and listing their qualifications.

Officer Duties

It is the president’s duty to coordinate meetings among officers, plan for educational events, and oversee elections. The president is the main liaison with the faculty advisor and is responsible for scheduling group meetings and coordinating speakers

Vice President
It is the vice president’s duty to assist the president in his duties and to take over the position of presidency if the president is no longer able to fulfill his/her duties.

It is the duty of the secretary to provide minutes of officer and group meetings and to facilitate educational lectures via room coordination and logistics.

It is the duty of the treasurer to manage the group funds and obtain reimbursements when appropriate for educational activities. The treasurer shall also maintain the funds of any fundraising events.

Leadership Board
It is the duty of the leadership board to assist the other officers when needed. The leadership members must attend all Radiology Interest Group lectures and officer meetings. They are responsible for helping to recruit members and increase awareness in the club and Radiology.

Faculty Liaison
It is the duty of the faculty liaison to mediate interactions with faculty members for the educational purposes of the group and to facilitate interaction and communication with the Radiology Department.