The mission of SAFE Clinic is to provide high-quality healthcare services to underserved populations, ensuring equitable access to essential medical care regardless of financial circumstances. As a student-led clinic, we are dedicated to serving marginalized populations in Morgantown. The clinic is located at the Milan Puskar Health Right Clinic downtown, situated at 341 Spruce Street, Morgantown, 26505.

As a student volunteer at SAFE Clinic, students will have the opportunity to work under the supervision of a WVU physician. Their role will involve conducting histories and physicals based on their comfort level, skill, and personal goals. SAFE Clinic acknowledges that each student has unique capabilities and aspirations, and the organization strives to provide an environment that fosters growth, learning, and hands-on clinical volunteering.

Participating in SAFE Clinic offers an excellent opportunity for students to enhance their history and physical examination skills while gaining valuable experience in a clinical setting. Students will have the chance to put their knowledge into practice, collaborate with healthcare professionals, and make a meaningful impact in the lives of our patients.




Anna Zukowski
Gurleen Vilkhu
Vice President
Christina Mounzer
Grace Maley
Tatiana Hendriksson
Community Outreach chair
Dr Melanie Fisher
Faculty Advisor


1. Membership:
o Membership in SAFE Clinic is open to all medical students currently enrolled at West Virginia University School of Medicine
o Members are required to attend regular meetings and actively participate in
organization activities.

2. Executive Committee:
o The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice President,
Community Outreach Coordinator, Treasurer, and Secretary.
o The Executive Committee shall have the authority to make decisions on behalf of SAFE Clinic in matters requiring prompt attention between general meetings.
o The President shall preside over Executive Committee meetings, ensuring
effective communication and decision-making.
o The Vice President shall assist the President in organizational matters and assume the President's duties in their absence.
o The Community Outreach Coordinator shall manage and coordinate community outreach efforts, establish partnerships with local organizations, and organize healthcare initiatives.
o The Treasurer shall manage the organization's finances, maintain financial records, and ensure transparency and accountability.
o The Secretary shall handle administrative tasks, maintain meeting minutes,
manage correspondence, and assist with organizational documentation.

3. Meetings:
o SAFE Clinic will hold regular meetings at a frequency determined by the officers.
o All members are encouraged to attend meetings to stay informed and contribute to the organization's decision-making process.
o Each semester, there shall be at least two meetings held solely by the executive officers to discuss scheduling, future lunch and executive meetings, community activities, projects, and fundraising.
o There should be at least one executive meeting held prior to each educational
lunch meeting to discuss the goals of the lecture and potential questions relating to the subject material.
o The president shall be the leader of the executive meetings, and actions of the executive committee must be approved by a voting majority, with each executive officer having one vote (including the president).

4. Volunteering:
o Members will have the opportunity to volunteer at SAFE Clinic to provide
healthcare services to underserved populations.
o Volunteers must adhere to the clinic's policies, maintain professionalism, and treat patients with respect and compassion.

5. Governance:
o The officers shall collectively make decisions regarding the organization activities, events, and initiatives.
o Officers will work collaboratively, fostering an inclusive and supportive
environment within the organization.

6. Amendments:
o Any proposed amendments to the bylaws must be submitted in writing and
require a majority vote from the officers for approval.

7. Ethics
o The organization must always abide by the laws, rules, and codes of the United States government, West Virginia government, West Virginia University, WVU Health Sciences, and WVU School of Medicine.

o The organization must always abide by the principles of ethics inherent to the
field of medicine.
o The organization shall follow the NHRC principles outlined in the Mission