Mission Statement

To provide first- and second-year female medical students with a relaxed environment to discuss various topics unique to women in medicine and identify faculty mentors in their specialties of interest.

This student group was started by two first-year medical students who recognize the unique professional, emotional and social challenges facing women who pursue a career in medicine.

  • To create a safe, informal, and judgement-free space for women in medicine to discuss sensitive topics, challenges they face, specialty-specific concerns, family balance, and more with each other and with faculty
  • To provide opportunities for mentorship between female medical students and female physicians from a variety of specialties
  • To educate and prepare female medical students for challenges they may face throughout their careers


Christina Markopoulos
Abigail Roop
Vice President
Lauren parsons
Laura May
Dr. Linda Nield & Christina Baker
Faculty Advisors


Any student currently enrolled in the West Virginia University School of Medicine is eligible for membership in Sisters in Medicine.  Sisters in Medicine shall meet a minimum of four times per academic year. Meetings will be relaxed and may consist of faculty meet-and-greets, lectures, panels, and more. Meeting topics and content are to be determined by club members.  Sisters in Medicine will be governed by an elected President and Vice President (VP). Other elected officer positions may be created in the future as necessary. Two preferably female faculty advisors - one surgical and one medical - will also oversee club activities.  Members of the club will elect the next year’s President and VP at the final meeting of the spring semester.