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Student Advocates Impacting Decisions On Healthcare (SAIDOH)

  1. Name
    • The name of the organization shall be Student Advocates Impacting Decisions On Healthcare (SAIDOH)
  2. Purpose
    • To educate medical students regarding advocacy and examine health care policy as it impacts physicians and their patients.
  3. Goals
    • Provide discussions regarding health care policy implications and changes in the form of lectures, meetings, and forums.
    • Engage the community through advocacy events which encourage health promotion and disease prevention.
    • Collaborate with the Charleston campus to participate in state legislative discussions and lobbying opportunities.
    • Educate medical students about ways to advocate for a healthier West Virginia through the use of both traditional outlets and social media as methods to reach out to the community.
  4. Membership
    • Any student, faculty, or staff of West Virginia University is eligible to become a member.
    • This organization will not deny membership on the basis of race, gender, age, disability, veteran status, religion, sexual orientation, political beliefs and/or nationality.
  5. Officers
    • The offices comprising the executive board shall include Co-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and Social events coordinator.
      • Additional positions may be appointed as decided by a unanimous vote of the executive board.
      • No more than six positions shall make up the executive board during any one term.
    • Duties
      • The Co-Presidents shall preside at the meetings, coordinate events, oversee the executive board, and be spokespeople for the organization both within and outside West Virginia University.
        •  In the event of resignation or removal of one of the presidents during a term, the remaining president may request a meeting of the executive board to appoint an additional President. 
        • Co-Presidents shall fairly balance both the duties of the position as well as differing policy and advocacy positions.
      • The Treasurer shall serve as a member of the executive board with the primary responsibility of maintaining the organization’s financial security and appropriately handling all fiscal matters. Expenditures will be recorded by the treasurer and reported to the WVU School of Medicine Department of Student Services.
      • The Secretary shall serve as a member of the executive board and record both pertinent information discussed at executive board meetings as well as the attendance of organizational events.
      • The Social Events Coordinator shall serve as a member of the executive board and organize all collaborative meetings and events that involve both WVU and external organizations.
      • All members of the governing board must be in good academic standing.
    • Officer Appointments
      • Candidates shall submit written requests for officer positions at the end of the executive board’s term.
      • The presiding executive board members shall appoint the subsequent officers based on organizational attendance, participation, and dedication to the purpose of this organization.
  6. Amendments
    1. An amendment proposed by a member will be passed after acquiring three-quarters of the votes of the organization’s

2020 - 2021 Officers


Vice President


  • Sara Berzingi (MS3; Morgantown) -


  • Sundus Lateef (MS3; Morgantown) -

Charleston Campus Liaisons

Charleston Campus Event Coordinators

Eastern Campus Liaisons

MS2 Liaisons

Faculty Advisor

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