The Surgical Interest Group will be created to meet the interests and needs of medical students at West Virginia University School of Medicine who are interested in the field of surgery. The goals of the Surgical Interest Group are as follows:

To provide a meeting place for the teaching, learning, and discussion of issues relating to surgery;
To promote professional relationships between medical students, resident physicians, attending physicians, and surgical staff.

The Surgery Interest Group (SIG) was formed in the summer of 1999 and revived in the fall of 2001. The goal of this group is to expose students to various subspecialties of the surgical field. Meetings are held monthly with various speakers to give students a brief insight to surgery prior to their clinical rotations.

It is our belief that this group is an important supplement to those students who have an interest in surgery. We welcome any comments or suggestion students may have in order to improve the SIG.


for more information contact:  wvusurgeryinterestgroup@gmail.com



Dominic Lombardo
Ever Hernandez
Nicholas Miller
Drs. Allan Thomay and Molly Kledzik
Faculty Advisors


1. The Surgical Interest Group is a non-profit, volunteer-run student organization at the West Virginia University School of Medicine. Any student currently enrolled in West Virginia University School of Medicine is eligible for membership.

2. The Surgical Interest Group will meet monthly during the school year, from September to April, and more often if deemed necessary by the members.

3. The Surgery Interest Group will be governed by an elected body of medical students that consists of four co-leaders all acting with the same level of authority sharing responsibility amongst each other. Officers will be elected at the last meeting of each year by the members of the Surgery Interest Group. The Surgery Interest Group will work closely with a faculty sponsor in the Department of Surgery.