Walk with a Future Doc is an international non-profit organization that inspires communities through movement and conversation. As a student organization, Walk with a Future Doc at WVU SOM will allow WVU SOM students to meet with members of the community multiple times per month for a brief address about health-related issues, blood pressure screening and healthy snacks. Each walk will last about one hour, and locations may include the Rail Trail, around Milan Puskar Football Stadium, the downtown business district, and other indoor facilities. Participants will be encouraged to walk with medical students and new friends to promote physical activity and community relationships. We will work with practicing physicians to encourage them to attend and publicize the events to their patients.

Walk with a Doc is a nonprofit organization that was started in 2005 by Dr. David Sabgir, a cardiologist practicing in Columbus, Ohio. After becoming frustrated with his ability to affect behavioral change in the clinical seeing, he invited his patients to go for a walk with him in a local park on a Saturday morning. More than 100 people showed up to join him on his walk and the idea for Walk with a Doc was born. For these walks, a doctor gives a brief 10–15-minute presentation on a health-related topic before leading participants on a walk at their own pace. Since 2005, the program has expanded to more than 500 chapters worldwide, including Walk with a Future Doc chapters led by medical students.

The WVU Walk with a Future Doc chapter was started in March 2020 by two medical students who were enrolled in the Culinary and Lifestyle Medicine Track. Due to a digital format that was adopted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the program has garnered participants from 11 different West Virginia counties, 10 different states and have even had participants from abroad in Germany in its first year. The chapter now holds the walks in a hybrid format with an in-person walk in Morgantown and a digital option that lets participants listen to the talk and engage in conversation while walking along from home.

Walks are held on the first and third Saturdays of each month during the academic year at 10 a.m. with both an in-person and virtual attendance option available. All are welcome to these FREE community events. We encourage medical students to attend and interact with the community members while asking good questions about health and wellness for the speaker to answer. We encourage you to invite your friends, family, neighbors, and patients to attend!

See the WVU Walk with a Future Doc Facebook page for an updated list of dates and locations, as well as the ZOOM code and password for log-in.

For more information contact us at wvuwalkwithafuturedoc@gmail.com


Kierstan Pyle
Connor Funke
Kaitlyn Heintzelman
Nathaniel Edwards
Kayla Liptrap
Communications Director
Evan Trent
Media Manager
Dr. Treah Haggerty
Faculty Advisor



The name of the organization shall be: Walk with a Future Doc at WVU SOM


The purpose of Walk with a Future Doc at WVU SOM is

  • To promote healthy lifestyles through physical activity and education on pertinent healthcare topics.
  • To engage with community members and further understand the healthcare needs of Morgantown
  • To allow students at WVU SOM to professionally develop their communication skills with participants, peers, and practicing physicians


  • Section 1. Official membership in the organization is open to any current student enrolled in the WVU School of Medicine.
  • Section 2. "Active" membership shall include all official members who have signed up for our newsletter and attended monthly walks.
  • Section 3. The organization shall not deny membership on the basis of race, sex, age, disability, veteran status, religion, sexual orientation, color.


  • Section 1. The officers comprising the Executive Committee of this organization shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Director, and Media Manager. Members of the Executive Committee can create and remove officer positions as the need arises.
  • Section 2. The duties of the officers shall be:
    • The President shall organize the time, date, and topic of each monthly walk. He/she will communicate with student volunteers and speakers. He/she will also ensure dues are paid to the national organization and bylaws are reviewed and updated annually.
    • The Vice President shall assist the president in their duties and will preside over monthly walks in the President's absence. Additional duties of the Vice President include tracking attendance and gathering supplies.
    • The Secretary shall maintain the Constitution and Bylaws, develop a schedule of events, maintain the newsletter, organization subscribers, and lead internal communication for the program. The Secretary will serve as acting President if the presiding President and Vice President are unavailable/resigned from the position.
    • The Treasurer will handle all financial responsibilities of the organization. In the event of the resignation or removal of the President, Vice President, and Secretary, the Treasurer will serve as acting President and will hold immediate officer elections.
    • The Media Manager will handle all virtual collaborations and recordings.
    • The Communications Director will manage outreach and social media.
  • Section 3. To hold an elected, or appointed office in this organization, a member must be passing and be in good academic standing at the time of election or appointment, and must be a full-time student. Furthermore, the member may not be on academic or disciplinary probation.


We agree to abide by all West Virginia University, School of Medicine as well as all West Virginia University policies, in addition to all federal, state, and local laws. We agree to communicate all required information to the West Virginia University Department of Student Services as requested.


Walks will be scheduled to occur twice a month throughout the academic year. Walks will last for one hour, and volunteers will receive community service hours for contributions of their time. Organization meetings will also be scheduled throughout the year to recruit and educate student volunteers. The Executive Committee may decide to add additional meetings where they see fit, or cancel potentially scheduled meetings given reasonable notice.