The goals of the Med School Milers organization are to encourage health and companionship amongst medical students and faculty through regular group running events outside of the curricular setting.

We have a group chat for organizing runs year-round and run in local races that vary by season.


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Julia Deziel, Kate Gelman and Andrew Sulistio
Aly Lewis


The purpose of the organization shall be to: encourage health & camaraderie among medical school classmates upper and underclassmen and faculty and staff associated with the School of Medicine
through group wellness and running oriented activities; serve the medical school and state in a philanthropic manner; host at minimum one formal meeting per semester; and establish regular meeting
limes for running and other activities based on the academic calendar of medical students at all levels of the curriculum.
Membership shall be open lo any interested medical student.
The executive power of the organization shall be vested m its President. e Executive Board shall consist of President an Vice President with optional additional appointments that can be made at the discretion of the President and Vice President.
A faculty member shall be selected by the President and Vice President to serve as the Faculty Advisor for the organization. Once the organization has been established a membership base. Faculty Advisors will be re-/elected on an annual basis by a majority vote of the group.
The organization shall not discriminate on the basis of religion race age, sex, national origin military status sexual orientation, or in any other way possible.
Amendments to these bylaws may be presented at a formal group meeting by any member of the group and shall be passed by a majority vote of the membership.
Officers and advisors shall be elected each year and shall be elected by a majority vote of the membership.
The President shall preside at all meetings and serve the organization's needs as its executive officer.
The Vice President shall perform the President's duties in his/her absence.
All other leadership appointments made by the President and Vice President shall perform the duties out lined by the President and Vice President.
The Faculty Advisor shall provide advice and assistance to the executives and the membership of the organization.