A headshot photo of Laura R. Lander.

Laura R. Lander, MSW, LICSW

Associate Professor/ Section Chief - Social work

Contact Information

PO Box 9137
930 Chestnut Ridge Road
Morgantown, WV 26505


  • Department of Behavioral Medicine & Psychiatry
  • Department of Neuroscience
  • Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute

Graduate Training

  • MSW, Columbia University, 1994

Research Interests

Ms. Lander’s primary research focus is clinical translational research in the area of opioid use disorders (OUD) and developing effective ways to measure and improve clinical outcomes. She is currently an Associate Professor in the West Virginia University (WVU) School of Medicine, with a dual appointment in the Department of Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry and Department of Neuroscience. Ms. Lander is recognized as a national expert on medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for OUD and served on the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine Committee on MAT for OUD from 10/2018-3/2019.  She is a Co-Investigator in the National Institute on Drug Abuse Clinical Trials Network in the newly formed Appalachian Node.  Her additional research in the last 15 years has primarily focused on developing effective psychosocial interventions for the treatment of substance use disorders among both men and women, pregnant women, and adolescents. She has incorporated the use of genetics, neuroimaging and adjunctive treatments such as yoga and mindfulness-based relapse prevention to measure and improve treatment effectiveness.  The treatment of pregnant women with OUD and assessment of neonatal outcomes is also an area of clinical and research focus. She is currently Co-Investigator on several SAMHSA State Opioid Response grants including MAT expansion in WV, initiation of buprenorphine in the ED using Peer Recovery Coach Support and is a member of the Addictions Center of Excellence at WVU. In addition, she has over 25 years of clinical experience in the field of mental health and substance abuse and has worked to develop a nationally recognized innovative model of group-based MAT with buprenorphine for individuals with OUD, and an integrated MAT Centering model specifically for the treatment of pregnant and post-partum women. From this clinical experience, she has developed a deep understanding of the challenges faced by patients with substance use disorders and their families and the barriers to treatment.  Through her research efforts, she strives to develop ways to develop evidence-based treatments for patients struggling with substance use disorders.

Recent Publications

Winstanley EL, Mahoney JJ, Lander LR, Berry JH, Marshalek P, Zheng W, Haut MW. (2020). Something to Despair: Gender differences in adverse childhood experiences among rural patients. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 116; 1-7.  Dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jsat.2020.108056

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Mahoney JJ, Marshalek PJ, Rezai AR, Lander LR, Berry, JH, Haut MW. A Case Report Illustration the Effects of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation on Cue-Induced Craving in an Individual with Opioid and Cocaine Use Disorder.  Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology. October 2019. Dx.doi.org/10.1037/pha0000289

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