Learn about becoming a Blue Zone University at WVU Town Hall

Thur., Nov. 8, noon, Health Sciences Okey Patteson Auditorium

Learn about becoming a Blue Zone University at WVU Town Hall

Learn how becoming the first certified Blue Zones University in the world can inspire healthy transformation, economic vitality and higher well-being.

Join us for a university-wide Town Hall at the WVU Health Sciences Center on Thur., Nov. 8 at noon at the Health Sciences Center's Okey Patteson Auditorium. Bagged lunches will be provided on a first come, first served basis. If you can’t join us, you can watch the event live at https://www.hsc.wvu.edu/live-feed.

Tony Buettner from Blues Zones will join Tara Hulsey, vice president for health promotion and wellness, and Clay Marsh, vice president and executive dean for health sciences, for a spirited discussion on how WVU can be a leader in well-being and health transformation.

Becoming the world’s first Blue Zones University is a multi-year effort that engages the Morgantown community, restaurants, grocery stores, government, businesses, faith-based organizations, and individuals in a shared purpose. The process builds on National Geographic research into places where people live longer, healthier, and more active lives. In these original Blue Zones areas, surroundings and social habits naturally support health and happiness. Blue Zones Project® works with communities to implement research-based practices that create such supportive environments, making healthy choices easier for all.

Forty-seven communities across the U.S. have already embraced this journey, with benefits that include measurably higher well-being, lower healthcare costs, and new investments in infrastructure. We think Morgantown and West Virginia University can make it happen, too—with the input and involvement of leaders and changemakers like you.

Several focus group sessions have been arranged for faculty, staff, students and WVU Medicine employees. For more information or to register, visit the event website page