The fellow will contribute to resident education by giving two or three talks per year as part of the resident core didactic curriculum in spine.

Tuesday morning subspecialty conference is a case-based, resident-focused session designed to place core principles in a clinical context. The fellow is encouraged to attend and contribute to the discussion.

Spine Indications Conference (Pre-op Post-op Conference) is held on Friday mornings and is specifically focused on the fellow’s education. Each week the fellow will choose one or two upcoming or recent cases to discuss. The conference is attended by both Orthopaedic and Neurosurgical faculty and offers the fellow an opportunity to pick the mind of the faculty and delve into the nuances of surgical decision making in an informal setting.

Spine Journal Club is usually held bimonthly. The fellow selects several recent articles (usually from Spine or The Spine Journal) to discuss with faculty. Orthopaedic and Neurosurgical residents are encouraged to attend as well.

The fellow is welcome to attend any of the other Orthopaedic conferences, including Grand Rounds (Wednesday mornings) and Fracture Conference (Monday & Thursday mornings).