Program Design

The fellow participates in a one-year period of training. This period is divided into rotations of curricular emphasis for the durations listed below. Except when assigned to the Extradepartmental/Clinical Rotation, the fellow also rotates on an alternating basis weekly throughout the year between Team 1 and Team 2 in the neuroradiology division. Team 1 has primary responsibility for all invasive and therapeutic procedures and consultations, and secondary responsibility to assist in interpretation of imaging studies and consultations. Team 2 has primary responsibility for interpretation of imaging studies and consultation and participation in conferences.

Rotations of Curricular Emphasis

  • 3 months Brain and its Coverings
  • 3 months Spine
  • 3 months Extracranial Head and Neck, including CNS Vascular Ultrasonography
  • 2 months Developmental and Pediatric Neuroradiology, including CNS Ultrasonography
  • 1 month Extradepartmental Clinical Rotation
  • Neurology AM
  • Neurosurgery AM
  • Neuropathology PM (and on call Brain Cutting)
  • Elective
  • Off-site Vascular and CNS Ultrasonography Review Course 2-4 days

When the resident is assigned to Team 1, the fellow is assigned to Team 2, thus providing a fair distribution of case loads between fellow and resident. Furthermore, there is constant neuroradiology attending oversight to insure that both the fellow and resident benefit educationally by the case mix on an ongoing basis. The activities of Team 1 and Team 2 are coordinated to optimize trainee participation, education, and exposure at both resident and fellow level, and to engage the fellow gradually into the role of instructing the resident and students.