Picture Yourself at WVU

Now that you’re interested about the intangibles WVU and Morgantown can offer, explore more to find out how Morgantown can match your lifestyle. Families, foodies, adventurers and achievers can all thrive here, and a weekend or a weekday off doesn’t go to waste in Morgantown.


Morgantown has excellent schools, kid-friendly adventure opportunities nearby and hundreds of acres of parks, pools and rails to trails to play. There’s also a supportive group through the WVU Physician Family Network, where gourmet potlucks, playgroups, outreach outings and book clubs can help any family connect.


Thrill seekers and casual adventurers can find an activity that suits them right in their backyard. With close proximity to state parks and national forests, easy access to walking and biking trails, and its streams and lakes, Morgantown combines the convenience of a city with all the natural beauty of the state.


One thing that is always in season in Morgantown, is its local flavor. From the West Virginia classic pepperoni roll to five-star fine dining to all annual fairs and festivals that honor various food items, there is a place to fit the bill whether it’s a quick bite after a long shift or a full day of food and drink at the campgrounds.

‘Trust Us’ about the School of Medicine

What’s the “go-to move” for lunch? The best thing that the hospital cafeteria serves? While that’s subjective, we do know there’s plenty of options in the hospital and around the Health Sciences Center. Year-round staples are complimented by the HSC Farmers Market through the summer that features food trucks, caterers and fresh produce and baked goods.

Trust Us About the School of Medicine

Niche Finders

Finding a way to fit in to a new place can be challenge, but also the best part of a new beginning and a fresh start. Morgantown and WVU both offer clubs and organizations for hobby-seekers and civic leaders alike that provide the perfect way to plug in and connect to those with the same interests.