Research Centers

WVCTSI.   The West Virginia Clinical and Translational Science Institute is a center for clinical and translational research which provides participating faculty and clinicians with resources including biostatistics, clinical data resources, pre-award support and funding opportunities.  The link to request their services is

WVUCI.  The West Virginia Cancer Institute has scientific programs and collaborative initiatives that focus on basic, clinical and population science.  The Institute welcomes applications from all faculty who have cancer-related research interests.  To become a member, please apply online at

Office of Research and Graduate Education.    The research administrative office is prepared to provide faculty and clinicians with support, training and resources as they embark on a project. Information on HSC pre-award, reviewing your grant at the HSC Internal Study Section or Tweaking Your Aims is available.  If you need immediate help or just have a question, use the portal of the Research Concierge at