Educational Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of the clinical chemistry and immunology experiences are to prepare and enable residents to:

  • Understand the laboratory practices used to diagnose human disease in Chem/Immuno laboratories.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to reviewing and improving Chem/Immuno laboratory practices within the laboratory quality assurance program.
  • Discuss the scientific basis of Chem/Immuno testing/interpretation, and have the ability to utilize the medical literature and other sources to enhance Chem/Immuno diagnostic testing.
  • Communicate effectively in verbal and written form with their clinical colleagues, administrative, technical, and clerical personnel.
  • Explain the policies and regulations affecting health care (i.e., CAP accreditation, HIPAA, compliance to Medicare and billing regulations, etc.)
  • Demonstrate professional behavior regarding patients, other physicians and all clinical laboratory personnel.