About Us

To those contemplating a pathology career, I enthusiastically attest to my own fulfillment. As a practicing cytopathologist and surgical pathologist, I enjoy each day with its fresh challenges. Pathologists are actively engaged in providing clinical care, whether with frozen sections (above), fine needle aspirations, clinical laboratory assays, or molecular based testing. New diseases, innovative methods, and vast advances in informatics and molecular biology have changed not only our fundamental understanding of disease, but also the mechanics of our daily practice. As a bridge between basic science and clinical medicine, pathology will continue to play a pivotal role in bringing medical advances to the bedside.

The goal of our program is to educate residents to become competent professionals with integrity and compassion and the potential to develop into community leaders, innovative educators and creative researchers. We seek to instill within our residents the core competencies needed for practice and to imbue them with the desire and ability to continue their education throughout their professional lives. We aim to produce pathologists who understand today’s diagnostic paradigms and shape those of tomorrow.

Our mission is aligned to that of the School of Medicine: to improve the health of West Virginians by educating health professionals, through basic/clinical scientific research, by providing continuing professional education, and through direct and supportive health care. Our department shares the institutional values of love, respect, humility, creativity, faith, courage, integrity, and truth.

We work hard, but attempt to balance our professional and personal lives. There is plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful mountains and wild rivers of West Virginia. Recreational opportunities abound, and Morgantown has been a wonderful place to raise my children.

I hope that you will investigate joining our team. I am excited about the future of Pathology at our department. I wish you luck and hope that you will enjoy yourself as much as I have.

Barbara S. Ducatman, M.D.
Professor and Chair