Resident and Program Evaluation

Residents are evaluated at the completion of each rotation, semiannually and annually.

Rotation specific evaluations

  • Statistical analysis of a practice based portfolio (ex. Grading of individual gross and microscopic reports in surgical pathology as “agree, partially agree, or disagree.” Resident results are compared to the overall and PGY means.
  • A rotation specific semi-objective evaluation tied to the required competencies for each rotation. A mean score for each competency as well as overall mean for each resident is tabulated and compared to the overall and PGY means.

A semi-annual global evaluation is tied to our overall program competencies with statistical evaluation of resident means versus overall and PGY means.

Annual evaluations are completed using a 360o evaluation form.

The residency advisory committee meets at least quarterly to review resident evaluations. Residents experiencing difficulties will be placed on a remediation program as quickly as possible. All residents are informed of their evaluations at least on a yearly basis.

The residents evaluate the program and faculty at least yearly. Statistics will be tabulated for this evaluation and monitored by the residency advisory committee at least yearly.