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The Pediatric Research Institute (PRI) at West Virginia University provides state-of-the art research on issues that have strong relevance for West Virginia children and their families. The goal of the PRI is to improve the health of children and families living in West Virginia and the surrounding Appalachian region through evidence-based teaching and clinical practice. We strive to meet this goal through state-of-the-art research programs in the areas of clinical, community, population, and laboratory research. Much of our research efforts are translational in nature so that information that is learned within the laboratory setting is tested and applied within the clinic setting and larger communities.

Pediatric research at West Virginia University includes a diverse portfolio of health studies, many being carried out in cooperation with our statewide network of health providers, teachers, parents and community leaders; laboratory research focused on the early factors that lead to diseases later in life; and clinical and translational research efforts aimed at developing and testing new diagnostic tools, medicines and procedures. Each of these types of research is crucial to improving the health of children here and around the world. There are overlaps and connections among the various research projects, and WVU has made it a priority to develop multidisciplinary teams that attack research problems from a variety of perspectives.

The WVU Pediatric Research Institute builds upon a strong history of pediatric research at WVU. About 60% of the faculty members in the Department of Pediatrics are actively engaged in research. The research activities of the faculty have contributed to a sustained increase in external research funding over the past several years.