Netlearning changes login mechanism; user name and password required

We recently sent out a reminder to complete CBLs for this year. After sending that reminder, we were notified of a change to the NetLearning site and upcoming changes regarding learner passwords for the NetLearning Student Interface.

The most widespread mechanism for data breaches in technology today stems from either malicious and/or unintentional misuse of user credentials. In ongoing efforts to increase security, HealthCare Source (NetLearning) will no longer support the ability for users to login with only their Employee ID/Badge Number (without a password).  As of June 5, 2017, NetLearning will require both a username and password combination to log in.

After June 5, all learners that have not previously used a password will have a default password of lastnamefirstinitial (Example: hoffmanns.) Once the learner logs in with the default password, they will immediately be prompted to change their password to a password of their choosing. Attached to this email, you will find documentation that includes learner instructions and screenshots that you can use to help you notify users. If you users have additional questions they can email .

Please note all users logging in on campus will continue to use their WVUH/UHA credentials.  This change applies to the login that is internet-based, off campus ONLY.