WVU Department of Emergency Medicine Research Collaboration Published in Western Journal of Emergency Medicine

Recently the WVU Department of Emergency Medicine in collaboration with the WVU Department of Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry sent out a survey about experiences and attitudes on treatment of substance use disorder in our Emergency Department. The survey aimed to assess emergency clinicians’ attitudes toward and readiness to initiate buprenorphine in the ED and identify clinician-perceived facilitators and barriers. We sought to assess these attitudes after the IMPACT (Initiation of Medication, Peer Access, and Connection to Treatment) project began which embedded Peer Recovery Support Specialists in our Emergency Department to help care for and link patients to treatment.

The data suggests that newer generations of emergency clinicians may have less hesitancy initiating buprenorphine in the ED. In time, this could mean increased access to treatment for patients with OUD. 

Today we found out that their work has officially been published in the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine!

For the full article please visit: https://escholarship.org/uc/item/8kn031wt

Lastly, we would like to thank all involved in conducting this research. We have come a long way in caring for these patients and it takes all of you to make it happen!

Remember what you do matters!