WVU Health Sciences hosts lecture on hospital safety

On Friday, Feb. 16, WVU Health Sciences Center will host Alan Fitch, a physician assistant at VCU Health’s Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, and his wife Cathy Motley-Fitch, a performer and voice teacher. The lecture will be held at noon at the Health Sciences Center, Room1905.

Cathy and Alan will share the story of their daughter, Lola, who passed away prematurely from necrotizing enterocolitis. After months of devastating turmoil, the couple ultimately chose to transform their grief and unite in the belief that Lola’s story had the power to save lives and educate healthcare providers on how these types of medical errors can be prevented. As a result, they now travel to medical and physician assistant schools across the country. They speak from the perspectives of a father who is a healthcare provider and a mother who demands answers and communicates from her heart.

In this lecture, the couple will share the medical and emotional side of their story in order to bring awareness by sharing the mistakes made in a breakdown of communication, teamwork, escalation and empathy, while focusing on change as opposed to blame.

To learn more about their project, please visit LolasSong.com.