Didactic Lectures

Guest and General Diadctic Lectures

(Primarily speakers from outside our institution)

Introduction to Forensic Psychiatry
Overview of the legal system
Competence to Stand Trial #1
Emotional Harm and Worker's Compensation
Violence and Dangerousness Assessment
Sharpe Level System
Case Conference
Expert Witness Testimony Standards Cases
Deposition and Testimony
Treatment and Disposition of Forensic Patients (NGRMI,
IST, Conditional Release)
Chronic Pain
Prisoner Rights
Antisocial Personality Disorder and Psychopathy
Jury Selection
History of Forensic Psychiatry 
Correctional Psychiatry
Sexual Harassment Cases
Tests of Malingering
Brain Injury
Death Penalty
Right to Die
Patient's Rights – Right to Treatment
Neuropsychological Testing
Rape Trauma Syndrome
Premenstrual Syndrome
Death Penalty
Managed Care
Role of a Forensic Psychologist
Journal Club
Administration of Forensic Psychiatry Practice,
Record Review and Report Writing
Sex Offender Risk Assessment (SORA), including ABEL, Static 99,multiphasic sex inventory.
Criminal Responsibilities and Insanity Defense
Release of Insanity Aquittees
Defendant's Rights
US Constitution, Due Process Equal Protection
Psychiatric Malpractice
Somataform Disorders
Informed Consent
Pedophilia, Paraphilias and Sex Offender Treatment
Duty to Protect
Mental State at Time of Offense (MSO)
Diminished Capacity Defense
Diagnoses associated with MSO
Right To Refuse Treatment
the forensic review course at APPL (American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law)
Child Custody and Parental Fitness Evaluations
Civil Commitment
Juvenile Delinquency and Child rights
Capacity to Waive Rights
Capacity to be Executed
Investigative Interviewing of Children and Child Witnesses
Conservator, Guardian
Testamentary Capacity
Child Abuse Reporting
Psychiatric Autopsy