About Us


The WVU Dialectical Behavior Therapy Services Program (DBTSP) is a mission-driven organization that aims to empower people to improve their lives through the technology of behavioral change. Our program has three primary missions: Clinical Service; Promotion of Science; and Treatment Dissemination.

Clinical Service

The WVU DBTSP will provide the highest quality, compassionate, evidence-based treatment for life-threatening, high-risk behaviors in people with complex psychiatric disorders and conditions. All services will honor the following goals of DBT:

  • Enhance and maintain patients' motivation for change
  • Enhance and maintain patients' skills and capabilities
  • Enhance and maintain therapists' motivation to treat patients
  • Enhance and maintain therapists' skills
  • Structure the treatment environment to be conducive to behavioral change

Promotion of Science

The WVU DBTSP will contribute to the advancement of scientific research pertaining to:

  • DBT and other forms of CBT
  • Understanding and reducing risk for life-threatening behaviors
  • Understanding and reducing risk for complex psychiatric disorders and conditions
  • Developing and enhancing human psychological and emotional resilience¬†

Treatment Dissemination

The WVU DBTSP will contribute to the dissemination of DBT and other evidence-based cognitive-behavioral therapies by providing training and consultation to healthcare providers and trainees in healthcare settings.