Exercise Physiology - Meet Rachel Reppert!

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in exercise physiology provides training in anatomy, physiology, and all other prerequisites for medical and other professional schools. Students also receive sound clinical training with patients in our human performance laboratory and other clinical settings, and complete a minimum 180-hour clinical internship or research in their senior year.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science (BS) in exercise physiology are equipped with communication, analytical, and critical thinking skills essential in today's job market. Upon graduation, they are eligible to take the certification examinations offered by the American College of Sports Medicine, and find work in a variety of clinical settings.

Others choose to continue their education in graduate and professional school. Select senior students are able to take a hands-on cadaveric dissection gross anatomy laboratory to further enhance their ability to compete for admission to physician assistant, physical therapy, medicine, or other rehabilitative science graduate programs. For well-qualified students who are interested in pursuing the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree (DPT) at WVU, the School of Medicine offers an Early Assurance Program.

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science (BS) in exercise physiology are required to complete either a minor or an area of emphasis prior to graduation.

A head shot photo of Kent Marshall.

Kent Marshall

MD/PhD Program

“You only have one body, so being able to help someone through an illness is truly poignant and carries big impact.”