Joseph L. Voelker, MD

Joseph L. Voelker, MD

Joseph L Voelker, MD

1. Describe your most inspiring neurosurgical teacher.  

That would be my chairman when I was a resident, Dr. Robert Campbell. He was great with the residents, and I admired his clinical knowledge and surgical skills.

2. How do you maintain patience when a resident is operating? 

Well, it can be tough at times, but I know they have to learn to operate at some point and the best way is by doing it. If they can do more now, they will be faster the next time and the time after that so it eventually pays off.

3. What is your threshold for taking over in a case? 

If the resident gets stuck and can’t make progress or if they don’t look like they can do something safely.

4. What’s your philosophy for the non-operative supervision of residents? 

For medical management, I like to see them take ownership of the patient. I’ll let them come up with their own plan and treatment even if it is not exactly how I would do it as long as it seems reasonable. I even learn something in the process.