Educational Support and Opportunities

Poster presentation from a resident.

Educational Support

Each resident will receive $1500 yearly for surgical loupes, books, and some travel expenses. Additionally, expenses will be paid to attend approved courses; such as AANS Resident courses, Board Review, Fukushima Skull Base Course, or any meeting where the resident is giving a presentation. Each resident will also attend a Neurosurgery Boot camp in July of their first year. 

Educational Opportunities

Neurosurgery residents participate in weekly resident-run conferences including Grand Rounds, Neuropathology, Neuroradiology, Neurovascular, Board Review, and visiting speakers. Other educational conferences include weekly multidisciplinary Brain Tumor board, Pediatric Brain Tumor board, monthly Spine Conferences (with the Dept of Orthopaedics' residents & faculty), Epilepsy conference. There is a monthly journal club meeting where current articles are discussed.